Learning to skate is actually quite easy and fun. It requires a little determination, some practice and being able to overcome the fear of falling down! Before you know it, you will be gliding around—forward and backward—able to show your family and friends what you can do on the ice. Whether your goal is to learn to skate backward, spin really fast or even land an Axel, we’ve got the place for you to start! Remember, every champion had to begin with a few easy lessons—just like you!

Learn to Skate USA programs make skating fun and safe for all as they grow an everlasting love for this sport. Through updated curriculum and certified, passionate instructors, skaters can build on solid skills to grow self-esteem whether child or adult and find the resources to reach their hopes and dreams. Fully supported by U.S. Figure Skating, USA Hockey, US Speedskating and the Special Olympics, Learn to Skate USA offers every student a heartfelt welcome, lifelong benefits and fond memories. Passion: It’s why Learn to Skate USA is recognized as the world’s best ice skating program.

Learn-to-Skare classes run year-round in the Omaha Metro and seasonally in Kearney and Lincoln. You can join at anytime during a session; fees are prorated. The following organizations offer Learn to Skate USA Programs. You are certain to find a time and place that fits with your schedule.

Blade and Edge Figure Skating Club  Located in Omaha 

Figure Skating Club of Omaha Located in Omaha

Moylan Iceplex  Located in Omaha

Grover Ice Learn to Skate Located in Omaha

Star City Figure Skating Club Breslow Ice Hockey Center Located in Lincoln, NE.

Viaero Event Center   Located in Kearney, NE.